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Build your audience, sell your products, and keep customers for life!!


How To Have Customers For Life and Own A Profitable Audience Without Running Your Business From Guess Work or Feeling Lost On How To Generate Momentum

4 MODULES of strategy & implementation

Giving you the essential principles, strategies and tactics you need, with no fluff


Immediately-applicable material that you will use in your business TODAY, at any level of experience 


This is Dre Baldwin's foundational course on marketing, promoting and drawing the most valuable asset – ATTENTION – to yourself & your offerings.  

​Marketing is the lifeblood of business. It positions you to help the people you want to serve at the highest level. When you have something they need, it is your MORAL OBLIGATION to let them know! 



what you'll get in the Master Marketing Course...

Stop Chasing Traffic

Why getting more people on your website is NOT the key for generating more business

No More Relying On Social Media

Learn how to fully control your access to audience – where no social media app can ban, block or charge you to reach them

Bring In Your Ideal People

Everything ain't for everyone – including your stuff! Learn how to match your offering to the right market so you can make more money with LESS work

Fix Your "Money Mindset"

Get your mind right around money – both in making it and investing it – so you have no problem charging & collecting it from your willing buyers

No More Timid Marketing

Lose your inhibitions about boldly marketing and selling yourself so you can communicate in a way that speaks to the right people

Make Sales Easy

Tired of grinding out sales? Learn how to "do your homework" and make your sales job a LOT easier  – which means more revenue! 

Learn The Principles

Know the essential, immutable foundations of marketing – so you can build strategies and tactics that NEVER go out of style

Keep More Clients & Customers

Use what you learn here to not only gain new customers, but keep the ones you have – which means more recurring income

Create Word-Of-Mouth

Generate the highest-converting form of marketing on purpose – no longer just something that happens randomly – so you have customers working for you 24/7


YOUR marketing coach: DRE BALDWIN

Dre Baldwin is CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. He has given 4 TEDxTalks and has authored 35 books.

Dre’s content has been consumed over 103 million times. His daily Work On Your Game MasterClass has amassed over 3,000 episodes and over 7.3 million listeners.

Dre had a 9-year professional basketball career, playing in 8 countries. Dre’s framework is the "roadmap in reverse" for professional Mindset, Strategy, Systems & Accountability.

MODULE #1: Marketing Mindset

Foundational understandings of marketing that your business will be built on

"mindset is the foundation of all success – and of all failure, and all mediocrity." - Dre Baldwin 

Mindset is the foundation of EVERYTHING we do at Work On Your Game. In the Marketing Master Course, we will start with your Marketing Mindset. 

Here, you'll un-learn the false, business-killing mindset mistakes that you've been taught – and replace them with the money-driving, customer-magnetizing mentality that drives all successful businesses. 


The Marketer's Brain

Install the key mindsets and understandings that serve as the principles  of marketing – that work in ANY industry! 


Making Sales Easy

Have the marketing tools that make selling easy, seamless and consistent – no more struggling to close deals


Becoming A Rainmaker

Understand how to set up your sales processes so you're talking to your ideal people every day, drawing them in closer


Lazy Marketer Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid stepping into the marketing landmines that stall out and destroy businesses


Foundational Principles

Know the basics of the game that work in every business, regardless of what you're selling or who you're selling to


Expanding Your Possibilities

See a lot more for yourself than your current situation and map the future of your business

MODULE #2: audience magnetization

Find, attract, and keep your ideal people in your world for life

"It's infinitely easier to do business when your ideal people are coming to you - rather than you chasing after them." - Dre Baldwin 

Most marketers think they need to get everyone's attention to drive business. The truth is, you only need to get the attention of the RIGHT people by speaking their language. 

In Module 2, you'll learn how to identify, target and enter the conversation going on the heads of your ideal clients – so they KNOW you're who they need. 


Your Ideal Audience

Identify your ideal customers and clients and design the "bait" to draw them to you


Attraction & Rejection

Make sure you're attracting your target people – and pushing away all the wring people


Stop Chasing & Start Attracting

Stop running after people and turn the equation around – have them coming to you


Increasing Your Perceived Value

Have people coming into your world already knowing your value – and ready to invest in themselves


What Your Audience Needs From You

Know how to deliver to your audience what they want – while also giving them what they need


The Most Valuable Aspect Of Your Business

The key "secret" element that makes your business rock solid and unique in your market

MODULE #3: marketing mechanics

the consistent, duplicatable tools that will drive your everyday actions

"we can do any job more effectively when we have the right tools - and the knowledge of how to use them." - Dre Baldwin 

Now with your principles in place, it's time to start employing the game plan that will consistently take your marketing to the next level. 

In Module 3, you'll have a roadmap for how to market to your audience and keep your voice and offers top-of-mind with them – so when they're ready to take action, you're the only option they consider! 


Marketing Without Ads

Is there a way to get new customers outside of running ads? Yes! Learn those ways and start using them today


Borrowing Audiences Via Collaboration

Learn to use the key skill that makes businesses take off by leveraging the work of others


Getting Out Of Social Media "Jail"

Drive business without having to post on social media all day (or even care about their "vanity metrics")


The 3 Key Marketing Channels

Learn to use the 3 foundational channels of marketing interchangeably – and how they support each other


What To ALWAYS Watch In Your Business

Understand the key metrics that matter most for your marketing (and the easy way to track them accurately)


Your Key Role

Know your biggest job, the ONE thing that you must always do in your business no matter who you hire or delegate to

MODULE #4: sticky communication

the proprietary messaging techniques that separate you from the crowd

"marketing is all about the relationship you have with your audience - and relationships are based in communication." - Dre Baldwin 

Marketing is all about the relationship you build and maintain with your audience and potential audience. The better you are at communicating, the more business you'll do. 

In Module 4, you will learn the master communication tools that the BEST marketers use in all of their messaging – and how to adapt all of it for your message to get the same results! 


Target Messaging

Give the right message to the right people in your audience to move them to action NOW


Owning Your Space

Establish your name and position in the market such that you own it and have to competition to be compared to


Your Signature Frameworks

Have a clear & concise way to communicate what you can do for your audience so everyone "gets it" quickly


Mastering Your Story

Sharing the pieces of your background that matter most to get people connected to you emotionally (and long-term)


Clarity + Precision Messaging

Communicate the things that your audience needs to hear and know – while leaving out all the fluff and extra stuff that they don't need


The 3 Key Modules Of Communication To Master

The ONLY 3 ways to communicate that you need to know and use to reach ANYONE, ANYTIME


• Have a permanent "marketer's mindset"
Strategically Target your ideal clients 
• Nail your brand messaging to make yourself a one-of-one
• Develop a clear and concise framework
• Leverage marketing to make easy sales
Use social media instead of it using you
Own your audience 
• Become revenue focused 
• Get the Right people in your tribe [and the wrong people out of the room]
• Get triple the marketing results in half the time 
• Have prospects ready to buy before they even know the price
• Apply these skills in every aspect of your business for the future

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YOU'LL ALSO GET ACCESS TO 15 of dre's bonus masterclasses

As a supplement to the Master Course material, we will also give you access to 15 of Dre's BEST MasterClasses on Marketing, Sales and Business! 

These will help drive home the lessons of the course and ensure that you implement and apply EVERYTHING in the course quickly and easily

bonus masterclass list:

  • Market FIRST, Product SECOND Value $97
  • Thought Leader Marketing Mistakes Value $97
  • The ONLY 3 Things To Know About Marketing  Value $97
  • ​What You Believe About Marketing Is WRONG Value $97
  • ​How To Make your marketing work for you Value $97
  • ​how sales & marketing work together Value $97
  • ​listen to the market Value $97
  • ​you are a MARKETER Value $97
  • how to market yourself without ads Value $97
  • how to differentiate yourself in the market Value $97
  • expanding your marketing efforts  Value $97
  • how to compete in the marketplace Value $97
  • don't try to create a new market Value $97
  • how to market like a politician Value $97
  • ​how to be a bold marketer Value $97
  • ​marketing: a lifetime job Value $97

total value of bonus masterclasses: $1,455


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Full Master Marketing Course

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Marketing Mindset Training

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Audience Magnetization

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Marketing Mechanics

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Master Communication

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Bonus MasterClasses

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Have questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

Who is the Marketing Master Course For?

This course is for the marketer who understands the value of consistent, intentional and targeted marketing for your business to drive sales opportunities and maximizing revenue. And, for the marketer who doesn't want to keep putting stuff out without a plan.

What will I get from the Course?

You will understand the foundational and unchanging principles of marketing.
You will install the "Marketer's Mindset" that will have you thinking like a marketer and seeing more opportunity for business in every circumstance. 
​You'll learn to attract and keep more of your ideal clients. 
​You'll learn the mechanics of marketing and how to use them. 
You'll also learn how to communicate your brand message clearly and fully.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in video, with Dre Baldwin explaining and demonstrating the principles, strategies and tactics being shared. The videos are closed-captioned and we will also have transcripts. The Bonus MasterClasses are in audio format.

Do I need to be at a certain revenue level for the material to apply to me?

​The Master Marketing Course is designed for all levels of marketers, from beginners to seasoned vets. As the principles of marketing do not change, the material in this course will ALWAYS apply to EVERYONE in the marketing space.